Here is a great list of some healthy alternatives to some of our summer favorites, savory and sweet! Let’s get to it:



  • Rather than full fat ice cream, try frozen tart yogurt soft serve.
    • Frozen tart yogurt (4 oz. serving) =1g fat
    • Vanilla ice cream  (4 oz. serving) =10g fat


  • Rather than sugary push pops, try freezing 100% juice in these fun zip top tubes


Vegan Black Bean Burgers with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

  • Rather than processed popsicles try making your own with fresh fruit and yogurt blended together, pour into a fun popsicle mold and enjoy!


3 Ingredient Strawberry Sorbet

  • Rather than a milkshake, try a low fat smoothie using chocolate protein powder or carnation instant breakfast blended in with banana and milk. Add peanut butter for an extra special treat with extra protein.


Greek Salad

Refreshing Tabbouleh Salad

  • Rather than having a chocolate fudgy frozen treat, try our Trio of Frozen Greek Yogurt Banana Pop recipes!
    • Dark Chocolate Banana Pop with Toasted Coconut & Crushed Pistachios
    • White Chocolate Banana Pop with Freeze Dried Berries
    • Crispy Greek Yogurt Birthday Banana Pop

10 Ways to Use Bananas ( +3 frozen banana pop recipes)