About a year ago, we created a list of 11 grocery store saving tips (check it out here). Since then, I have gotten older and wiser, and have created even more, specific tips that I hope can help you!

Just an FYI, I actually do use these tips. Personally, I’ve looked at my grocery habits and I was spending over $300 a month for just myself. I realized I needed to cut back because I was always at the grocery store, buying whatever I wanted, plus eating out and buying lunch regularly. I knew I had to get it together without compromising nutrition and also show my patients that you can eat healthy on a budget. Budgeting and paying attention to price with food selection definitely helps in the full circle of making healthy choices, meal planning, and saving money.  


These tips below add on to the tips from our previous blog here.


Stock up on sale prices. This work especially well for items you use frequently. For example, I stock up on canned tuna when it’s less than 75 cent per can because I use it so much and it has a long shelf life.


Freeze if needed. If you bought too many strawberries from stocking up while on sale, freezing can help avoid food waste. Most fresh produce can be safely frozen, with exception of high water content produce, such as cucumbers, leafy lettuce, and be reused in smoothies and pies.


Check for manager’s specials throughout the store. This includes special areas for produce, meats, breads, dairy and canned foods. These are all perfectly good products, usually super discounted due to an approaching sell by date or unattractive appearance. I’ve even snagged a 3 pound bundle of bananas for 99 cent only because they were are all loose from their bunches.


Make a budget and stick to it. Having a set amount of money to spend will help you avoid impulse buys, make you plan out exactly what you will eat, and will likely help you make healthier choices. For example, dry beans are generally a healthier and cheaper choice than ground meat. I recommend using cash at the grocery store to further instill sticking to your budgeting habit.


Look for special deals included in shopper’s card. Some stores have apps you can download to your phone that include extra coupons to get you even more deals.