1. Bring a guilt free dish with you. Is there a great new salad or light appetizer recipe you’ve been wanting to try? A holiday party is the perfect time to try it out and you will know for sure that you have a healthy option that you can depend on! Try our Healthy Broccoli Salad and Slow Cooker Mango Habanero Chicken Meatballs.
  2. Portion control and moderation. As a dietitian, I believe that everything in moderation can fit into a healthy diet. That being said, you can have that dessert that you have had your eye on all night, just remember portion control. If we look back to MyPlate, our meals should be made up of half fruits and vegetables, with about a quarter each of grains and protein, and don’t forget the dairy. So, whether you are eating a whole meal at your special gathering or just appetizers, think back to this ratio and it will help you when it comes to portioning out and selecting certain items that you want to enjoy. Check out our food groups and balanced eat blog.
  3. Spend your calories on things you will truly enjoy. Don’t feel pressured into trying out every single dish you lay your eyes on. Pick a few that you know you will really enjoy. Be cautious with eggnog, coquito, and other beverages that provide a big calorie punch.

6 Healthy Holiday Eating Party Tips

  1. Stay hydrated. If you are going to partake in any alcoholic beverages try alternating them with water. This will not only help keep you from getting dehydrated, but may also help keep you from overeating. A great tip is to not drink your calories. Here are 9 tips to staying hydrated!
  1. Fill up on a light healthy meal before. Focus on fruits, veggies, lean protein and whole grains. Maybe a filling salad that is low in calories, or a fruit smoothie,and of course water. Try our Berry-Nana Smoothie or Tropical Winter Smoothie Bowl.  
  2. Workout or take a walk before going out. Activity can help you curb your fat, sugar, and salt cravings as well as help to balance out your calorie intake with the calories burned from exercising. Learn eight ways to stay active during the holidays.