As the holiday season begins it’s important for us all to stay active, especially since we tend to overindulge with Halloween candy, Thanksgiving leftovers, and Christmas cookies, just to name a few! Holiday travel can also make it seem impossible to fit in time to be active. Below we have compiled 8 ways to help you stay active during the holiday season!


1. Gather up the family and take a hike! is a great site to help you find trails and parks near you! Throw a couple snacks and water bottles into a backpack and you are good to go!


2. Play a game….outside! What’s better than a friendly game of kickball or flag football with family and friends to keep you moving and having a blast at the same time.


3. Mall walking. Is it freezing where you live? Why not mall walk? Since it’s the holiday season you are probably in the market for a few gifts for friends and family, so what better way to reach your step goal.


4. Create a scavenger hunt! What is more fun than doing a scavenger hunt? Seriously? Get creative and learn how to create an awesome scavenger hunt here.


5. Walk your dog (or a friend’s dog) in the beautiful fall weather. Try a new route,  park or neighborhood to explore. Your pet will thank you!


6. Winter sports! Head to your local ice skating rink or hit the slopes for snowboarding, skiing and sledding.


7. Run a race….or start training for one! It’s as easy as downloading an app like Couch to 5K.


8. Rather stay inside? Play an interactive video game or workout with YouTube! Here are a couple favorite workouts here (cardio workout) and  here (aerobic dance workout).