August is Kids Eat Right Month! This fun monster smoothie is a great snack or treat that will have your kids begging for seconds, especially during these hot summer months!


Packed with one full serving of dark leafy greens, 2 servings of berries, that are loaded with antioxidants, and 1 serving of calcium filled Greek yogurt, this is a super nutritious addition to your day. And of course adults can enjoy it too!


Smoothies are such an easy alternative way to get in all of those fruit, vegetable, grain and dairy servings recommended by the USDA  on Also, consuming 2-3 servings of dairy each day, depending on your age, is so important for our bone health, making sure we grow and stay strong throughout life. Check out our blog about delicious dairy and get all the details!


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August is Kids Eat Right Month™, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Academy Foundation’s chance to highlight the fight for our children’s healthy future. Find out how you can get involved!



Blue Raspberry Monster Smoothie

By Caitilin Perez, RDN




½ c. fresh or frozen blueberries

½ c. fresh or frozen raspberries

1 c. packed fresh spinach

8 oz. vanilla greek yogurt



  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth, enjoy!



Calories: 260

Fat (g): 0.7

Sodium (mg): 114

Protein (g): 22

Carbs (g): 43