It’s National Shrimp Day, so of course we had to share our newest yummy recipe! Loaded with sauteed veggies, plump juicy shrimp and lightened up creamy polenta, you can’t go wrong.  Not to mention, this recipe is simply and quick to prepare.


Start out by cooking up your polenta according to the package directions. Finish the polenta by whisking in the low fat milk, which will increase the creaminess without the added fat and calories that butter and cream would add. To give the mixture a little kick, add in ⅕ teaspoons of Old Bay Seasoning (the low sodium version). This spice mixture is a great pantry item to have because there is a lot of flavor packed into one little container, no need to buy 10 different spices. If you are looking for a short cut, try out the pre-made tube of polenta that can typically be found in the produce section of the grocery store. Simply slice it up, toss into a saucepan and heat up with the low fat milk, stirring and whisking until smooth and creamy.


Simultaneously in a skillet or saute pan, add the olive oil, bell pepper and asparagus. Saute for 5-10 minutes until the veggies are softened and caramelized. Toss the large shrimp with the remaining Low Sodium Old Bay Seasoning and add to the skillet. Heat your shrimp until they are just pink and cooked through so they don’t become rubbery. Ladle your creamy polenta, sauteed veggies and delicious shrimp into a bowl and dig in!


Creamy Polenta & Spiced Shrimp Bowl

By Caitilin Perez, RDN




1 c. uncooked polenta

3 c. water

16 large shrimp, peeled, deveined

1.5 tsp. Low Sodium Old Bay seasoning ( to polenta mixture)

1 tsp. Low Sodium Old Bay seasoning( to shrimp mixture)

1 c. asparagus, 1 in. slice

½ c. red bell pepper, diced

1 tbsp. olive oil

½ c. low fat milk

salt and pepper to taste



  1. Cook polenta with water as directed by package. Whisk mixture until smooth and creamy. Add milk and Old Bay seasoning, remove from heat.
  2. Simultaneously, In a skillet, add oil, bell pepper and asparagus. Saute for 5-10 minutes until softened and caramelized.
  3. Toss shrimp in cajun seasoning and add to skillet. Heat shrimp just until pink and cooked through.
  4. Ladle creamy polenta into a bowl, top with vegetables and shrimp. Enjoy!



Calories: 249

Fat (g): 5.5

Sodium (mg): 505

Protein (g): 17

Carbs (g): 37