I make quiche about once a week.

It tastes amazing, it’s healthy, and it’s easy to make. That’s a triple win in my book and exactly why it shows up on my menu so often! I usually like to make it on a Monday or Tuesday, that way we can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch or dinner the rest of the week. Quiche can also be a budget friendly meal as well.


This quiche has double the goodness because you will get Swiss cheese and Swiss chard in every bite! If you haven’t tried Swiss chard before, then you have most likely tried something similar – spinach! In fact, they are so much alike that you can use Swiss chard in any recipe that you would use spinach in. I started getting creative with Swiss chard this past summer when I got it in my CSA share and made this original recipe.


Why is all this “double swiss” stuff so healthy?!

Swiss chard is an excellent source of vitamin C and A. Vitamin C is known for its heart disease, cancer and arthritis fighting properties. Vitamin A helps promotes better vision, a strong immune system and healthy skin. I love this list from Fruits and Veggies More Matters on the top 10 ways to enjoy Swiss chard. Quiche makes the list and I completely agree when they say Swiss chard pairs well with eggs! I think you will too.

Swiss cheese is a good source of calcium and protein. Not only do you need calcium for healthy bones and teeth but also for muscle function, nerve transmission and hormone secretion. Your body needs protein to build and repair cells and tissues, keep your immune system running strong, maintain muscle mass and to give your body energy! Swiss cheese has slightly more protein and less fat than other cheeses too. It also has ⅓ less sodium per serving than mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Check out this chart to see the nutrition breakdown of the different types of cheese!


Not all quiche recipes are created equal.

Keep in mind that not all quiche recipes are as healthy as they sound! If the recipe has a ton of bacon, think about using half the amount listed or omit completely. A lot of quiche recipes also use heavy cream and too much cheese, making it high in fat and calories. I always lighten up my quiche recipes by using low fat milk, cutting back on the cheese and doubling up on the veggies.


Watch the video for step by step directions on how to make our Double Swiss Quiche at home!

Cooking Tip: You could use shredded Swiss cheese in this recipe but I have found that cutting the slices into even sized pieces, just like I show you in the video, makes this quiche taste even better and gives it a more creamy texture.



Makes 8 servings



1 9 in. pie crust

2 c. Swiss cheese

2 c. fresh Swiss chard, packed

8 oz mushrooms

¼ c. onions, diced

4 eggs

1½ c.skim milk

1 tbsp. flour, all-purpose



  1. Preheat oven to 350°F
  2. Place pie crust in pie pan.
  3. Slice Swiss chard and cheese into equal sized pieces.
  4. In a medium bowl combine Swiss cheese, Swiss chard, mushrooms and onions. Place into pie crust.
  5. Whisk together eggs, flour and milk; pour over vegetables and cheese.
  6. Bake for 60 minutes and serve.


Serving Suggestions:

Pair with a serving of fruit for a balanced meal.


Nourishing Nutrition: (serving size 1 slice)

Calories: 289   Protein (g): 13     Fat (g): 17    Carbohydrates (g): 20     Sodium (mg): 207


You can buy the dough crusts in a pan in the freezer section