Cereal has become a staple in the American diet over the past century. From steaming hot grits to that childhood sugary favorite paired with milk, a bowl of cereal can be the perfect meal at anytime of day. For a balanced diet, look for cereals that have less than 12 grams of sugar per serving and are whole grain with at least 3 grams of fiber. Pair your favorite cold cereal with low-fat, non-fat milk or your favorite plant-based milk. (By the way, Vitamin D is naturally in all cow’s milk, not just “Vitamin D milk”, which is whole milk.)

When it comes to oatmeal, quick-cooking oats often contain added sodium, which is not found in old-fashioned oats. We also recommend choosing plain oats over pre-packaged, flavored oatmeal to cut extra calories and sugar. Add your own toppings for extra flavor, such as almonds, fresh or dried fruit, and cinnamon.


Serves 1


½ c. Instant plain oats

2 tbsp. dried cranberries

1 tbsp. light brown sugar

1 tbsp. Shelled pumpkin seeds

6 oz. Hot water


Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl. Add 6 oz hot water and let sit covered for approx 5 min. Stir and enjoy!


Serving suggestion: Store dry ingredients in a mason jar for a convenient on-the-go breakfast.



Calories:  277 calories         Fat (g): 7 gm          Sodium (mg): 12 gm         Protein (g): 8 gm          Carbs (g): 47 gm