This is a fungus that I have loved since childhood, starting with eating whole cans of them without my mother knowing! What a weird kid! We typically consider mushrooms a veggie and treat them as so in cooking. Mushrooms are low in fat, calories and sodium, but are big on adding flavor to a variety of dishes!


Cooking With Mushrooms

  • Never rinse mushrooms off with water. Instead dampen a paper towel and wipe off dirt.
  • Add salt after you saute mushrooms so they don’t lose their water content.
  • Mushrooms are an easy ingredient to add to many dishes to help volumize your meals, like omelets, salads and pasta.
  • Use a melon baller to hollow out mushrooms to stuff!
  • If you love mushrooms (& breakfast!) try our Spanish Stuffed Breakfast Portobellos
  • If you love other stuffed veggies try our  Vegan Lentil Stuffed Peppers


I love stuffed mushrooms so much and have made them several times for parties and family gatherings, but they can quickly become very labor intensive. This recipe is delicious, quick to make, and I’m guessing you probably have almost all of the ingredients already! At about 200 calories per serving give these beauties a try!


Start by removing the stems of the mushrooms and set aside. Preparing your onion, green pepper and mushroom stems into a small dice. Heat oil in a skillet and add veggies. Once softened add bread crumbs, spices and cheese. Place mushroom caps into a shallow baking dish and fill with the glorious stuffing mixture. Lastly, throw them into the oven so the cheese can become super melty and the tops turn golden brown. Yum!


Spicy Meatless Philly Stuffed Mushrooms

By Caitilin Perez, RDN




8 oz. white button mushrooms (about 9-10 mushrooms)

½ c. yellow onion, small dice

½ c. green bell pepper, small dice

2 tbs. whole wheat bread crumbs

1 tbs. vegetable oil

⅛ tsp. cumin

⅛ tsp. chili powder

⅛ tsp. red pepper flakes

¼ c. Swiss or white cheddar cheese



1) Preheat oven to 350͒℉. Remove stems of mushrooms and chop into small pieces.

2) Add prepared stems, green pepper, onion and oil to a skillet. Sautee on medium high heat until vegetables are softened.

3) Add bread crumbs and spices to mixture and incorporate evenly.

4) Spray a small baking dish with cooking spray. Fill mushroom caps with mixture and place into dish.

4) Bake for 20 minutes. Enjoy!



These stuffed mushrooms are a great snack or appetizer!



Calories: 213

Fat (g): 12

Sodium (mg): 117

Protein (g): 10

Carbs (g): 20