First, let me  tell you that I am not AT ALL a morning person. I will hit snooze a million and one times leaving me only a few minutes to get dressed and out the door. This leads to minimal breakfast in the morning, if any at all ( I know, bad dietitian!). Lately I’ve been trying to get up with the sun, mostly to check off exercise first thing in the morning before it gets too hot. Exercising in the morning also helps me work up (pun intended) an appetite, forcing me to make breakfast. When I need something quick, easy, and preferably cold after breaking a sweat, I whip up an easy smoothie.


I wanted to make a easy recipe that wasn’t just blended fruit, but provided a balanced breakfast (click here for our article on balanced breakfast). The Greek yogurt not only makes this dreamy and creamy, it packs in 19 gm of protein (of course, depending on which brand you use) and provides one serving of dairy. I also wanted a variety of fruit flavors without overdoing carbs and calories. This smoothie does that with flavors of strawberry, orange, banana, and peaches, all seasonal during summer by the way! At around 300 calories, it is a balanced meal of dairy, fiber, and protein to keep you full and satisfied and provides 2.5 servings of fruit . I hope this recipe becomes your favorite go to smoothie and is different from what you’ve tried before.



Sunrise Smoothie

By Lisa Kay, MS, RD

1 Serving



½ cup frozen peaches

½ cup frozen strawberries

1 medium banana

1 container nonfat plain Greek yogurt

½ cup orange juice



Place all ingredients into a blender. Blend until smooth.



You can share this recipe as a snack or half the recipe and serve with Spanish Stuffed Breakfast Portobellos for a more filling breakfast.



Calories: 337

Fat (g): 1

Sodium (mg): 59

Protein (g): 19

Carbs (g): 67

Fiber (g): 8